The Heinsohn Family in Texas

– Six Heinsohn Brothers –

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Friedrich Heinsohn
I have been unable to find a photograph of Fred Heinsohn. Fred’s grandson, Teddy Huntington, brought photographs of his ancestors to the 1970 Heinsohn Family Reunion, but I do not know exactly what they included or what became of them.

We don't have an exact birth date for Friedrich Heinsohn, but he was born in 1816 at Stollhamm in Oldenburg. He was confirmed into the Lutheran Church at Jade on May 1, 1831.

Fred was the first to immigrate, along with John. He was listed as a carpenter “hoping for a better life” when he emigrated with his brother aboard the Ferdinand. They left Bremerhaven on May 8, 1845 and arrived at Galveston on June 18, a voyage of thirty-nine days with sixty passengers aboard. The captain was G. Hagedarn.

Fred was the only one of the Heinsohn Brothers to stay in the Galveston area after their arrival from Jaderberg. He married Auguste Oehring (1827-1904) there in 1848, and they were said to have had fourteen children together, although only six lived to maturity.

The children included:

  1. Auguste (1849 - <1894) married Henry Bahr. After Henry's early death Auguste placed her two young children in St. Mary's Catholic Orphanage. She died at the State Hospital in Terrell, Texas in 1892 or 93.

  2. Henry Heinsohn (1852- ca 1873) died as a young man.

  3. Henrietta Marie (1857-1936) married Peter William Brautigam and lived in the Galveston area.

  4. William Sherwood (1860- <1870) died as a young boy.

  5. Julia (ca 1865 <1905) married William M. Foster and her whereabouts were unknown to her family by 1894.

  6. William (1870 - 1933) never married and died at the State Hospital in San Antonio.

  7. Helen (1874 - 1953) married Charles A. Huntington and lived in the Galveston area.

Fred made his living as a carpenter, cabinet maker, and farmer. He is said to have participated in some capacity in the Civil War. When he died ca 1889, his estate included an 800 acre farm near Alta Loma. We do not know Fred's burial place, but Augusta was buried in the Alta Loma Cemetery when she died of malaria on October 30, 1904.

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