The Heinsohn Family in Texas

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Can You Identify These Photographs?

Click here to view unidentified photographs in the possession of various Heinsohn cousins. E-mail Rox Ann if you would like to try to have some of your old photographs identified.

Can You Help?

There is a lot we still don't know about the Heinsohn Family.
Please contact Rox Ann Johnson if you know of an old photograph of any of the following Heinsohns. All we need is a scanned jpeg image.

  • Friedrich Heinsohn (1816-1889) and/or his wife Augusta Oehring from Galveston, and any of their children Augusta Bahr, Henry Heinsohn, Julia Foster, William Heinsohn, and Helen Huntington and/or their spouses

  • George "Diedrich" Heinsohn (1848-1879) and/or his wife Wilhelmine Frels from Frelsburg

  • Jane (Jennie) Toliver, wife of Ernst Theodore Heinsohn (1859-1939), who lived at Frelsburg, Willow Springs, Wharton County, and Algoa. E. T. also lived in Houston and Mountain Iron, Minnesota. Jennie may have died in Alabama.

  • Anna Heinsohn Beck (1856-1928) and/or her husband Julius who lived in Weimar and Texhoma.

  • Nancy Heinsohn Albrecht (1858-1921) and/or her husband Max who lived at Bluff near La Grange

We'd also love to know about any old family news clippings or correspondence you might have that relates to the Heinsohn family.


If you'd like to receive notices of the Heinsohn Family Reunions, please give Rox Ann Johnson or Dawn Heinsohn your current address.

Please keep us updated on family deaths, births, and marriages.

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