The Heinsohn Family in Texas

– Our German Roots –


We are descendants of Hinrich "Diedrich" Heinsohn and Anna Marie Rodefeld who lived at Jaderberg near Varel in Oldenburg, now Germany.

The Heinsohns had six sons who all immigrated to Texas between the years 1845 and 1850. They also had one daughter, who died as an infant.

Diedrich and Anna's children were:

  1. Wilhelm (1814-1885), who married Meta Harfst at Jaderberg in 1843 and immigrated in 1850.

  2. Friedrich (1816-1889), who immigrated in 1845 and married Auguste Oehring at Galveston in 1848.

  3. Heinrich (1819-ca1851), who married Ahlke "Kathrine" Mueller at Jade in 1847 and immigrated in 1850.

  4. Gerhard (1822-1902), who immigrated circa 1847. He married Anna Margrete "Sophie" Fehrenkamp in 1855.

  5. Catherine Marie (1824-1826)

  6. Johann (1827-1903), who immigrated in 1845 with his brother Friedrich. He married Anna M. Meyer in 1853.

  7. Anton (1829-1901), who immigrated in 1847 and married Nancy Stoeltje in 1852.

You may have noticed that the single brothers all immigrated before the married ones. They must have sent promising reports of Texas back to Germany, inviting the others to come join them.

Wilhelm, Heinrich, Gerhard, Johann, and Anton all lived in the area surrounding Frelsburg which is in Colorado County. Frelsburg is very near the Austin and Fayette County lines and Johann and Heinrich eventually lived in Austin County. Johann lived near the Post Oak Point community and that's probably where Heinrich also lived. Gerhard lived first at Frelsburg, but later bought land just inside the Fayette County line near Willow Springs. Friedrich was the only brother to remain in the Galveston area.

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